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Danielle Moodie is a media trainer, leadership and executive coach. She is also the host of three podcasts, reaching 500k listeners – her flagship series iHeart Media’s #WokeAF Daily, The Daily Beast’s The New Abnormal that she co-hosts with fellow journalist Andy Levy, and #democracyish which she co-hosts weekly with fellow Daily Beast columnist and author Wajahat Ali. For well over a decade, Danielle has been a bold and unapologetic voice for justice. Known for her no-holds-barred commentary, she is a sought after voice in the cable news and the social media spheres. She has scripted, developed, produced, and/or co-hosted podcasts and miniseries for both radio and TV. Danielle has made frequent appearances on MSNBC, CBC, PBS, and BBC America, and her writing has appeared in a myriad of outlets including The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Zora at Medium, Vogue, Essence and others.

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