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KNP helps people communicate with confidence, passion, and authenticity.

We specialize in situations where the pressure is on— whether it’s a crowd of thousands, a television studio, or a roomful of skeptics around a conference table. Our methods are grounded in social science and employ techniques used to achieve optimal performance in other disciplines that demand consistent excellence.  
We provide workshops, coaching, and direct services to clients around the globe in both live and virtual settings.

Speaker and Presentation Training


KNP offers private coaching sessions for clients facing a range of high-stakes situations, including:

  • Speeches, keynote addresses, and TED talks

  • Presentations with slide decks

  • Board meetings

  • Pitches and objection handling

  • Investor calls

  • All-staff meetings

  • Publicity events for film or book releases

  • Debate prep for elected officials

  • Job interview

Coaching can also address:

  • Mastery of technology such as teleprompters, multimedia, or videoconference tools 

  • Managing nerves and performance anxiety



KNP provides presentation skills training sessions for groups of all sizes. Our workshops emphasize learning by doing and enable participants to practice continuous self-improvement after the engagement. Each workshop can be customized to address the specific context and needs of an organization. 

  • KNP facilitates coaching and training in both live and virtual settings. 

  • Many clients choose a combination of workshops and individual coaching.

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