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KNP helps people communicate with confidence, passion, and authenticity.

We specialize in situations where the pressure is on— whether it’s a crowd of thousands, a television studio, or a roomful of skeptics around a conference table. Our methods are grounded in social science and employ techniques used to achieve optimal performance in other disciplines that demand consistent excellence.  
We provide workshops, coaching, and direct services to clients around the globe in both live and virtual settings.

Communications Training for Lawyers

KNP’s services for top national law firms include:

Attorney Communication Skills – Individual Coaching

  • Highly specialized one-hour coaching sessions using video playback
    and feedback to address personal challenges with delivery and demeanor.

  • Great for new hires and junior associates.

  • Post-performance review coaching sessions provide an outside perspective from an experienced, objective coach.

Summer Associate Presentation Skills Training

  • Interactive group skill-building workshop followed by small-group sessions using video and playback so that each Summer Associate receives individualized feedback.

  • Associates learn to project confidence and build trust as they navigate new pressures and expectations.

Summer Associate “Night at the Improv”

  • High-energy, fun event designed to help Summer Associates improve their ability to think on their feet, present with energy, and read an audience of clients, colleagues and judges.

  • Held in theater rehearsal space.

  • Can be paired with happy hour for greater team-building.

KNP facilitates coaching and training for attorneys in both live and virtual settings. Many clients choose a combination of workshops and individual coaching. 

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