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KNP helps people communicate with confidence, passion, and authenticity.

We specialize in situations where the pressure is on— whether it’s a crowd of thousands, a television studio, or a roomful of skeptics around a conference table. Our methods are grounded in social science and employ techniques used to achieve optimal performance in other disciplines that demand consistent excellence.  
We provide workshops, coaching, and direct services to clients around the globe in both live and virtual settings.

Executive Presence Coaching


Executive presence conveys the sense that an individual is up to the task of bearing responsibility for an organization and its people. Coaching and training can provide a valuable lens for understanding how colleagues and other stakeholders perceive one’s presence in a specific professional context as well as strategies for developing new skills.


KNP offers private coaching for clients moving into new roles or seeking to sharpen their personal communication skills. Personal coaching focuses on identifying the elements of executive presence, understanding both verbal and nonverbal cues associated with presence, and diagnosing personal communications challenges. 


KNP provides executive presence training sessions for groups of rising leaders in a wide range of organizations and sectors. These workshops emphasize hands-on learning and equip participants with the tools to practice continuous self-improvement at the conclusion of an engagement. Workshops are customized to address the specific context, culture, and needs of each organization.  

  • KNP facilitates executive presence coaching and training in both live and virtual settings. 

  • Many clients choose a combination of workshops and individual coaching.

  • KNP offers training and coaching focused on phone presence and virtual presence for video-conferences.   

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