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KNP helps people communicate with confidence, passion, and authenticity.

We specialize in situations where the pressure is on— whether it’s a crowd of thousands, a television studio, or a roomful of skeptics around a conference table. Our methods are grounded in social science and employ techniques used to achieve optimal performance in other disciplines that demand consistent excellence.  
We provide workshops, coaching, and direct services to clients around the globe in both live and virtual settings.

Custom Programs


KNP designs and delivers custom programs and events for clients in all sectors. These engagements include:


  • Facilitating senior leadership team off-sites.

  • Providing core leadership and development offerings on topics such as running meetings, managing up, having difficult conversations, and giving feedback.

  • Developing training on targeted topics such as understanding body language, mitigating cognitive biases, and using questions to drive consultative sales conversations.

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